• Update, Shmupdate.

    Update, Shmupdate.

    I’ve been busy. It’s been a while since I posted an update. That’s because I was doing what I’m supposed to do, which is designing things (and feeding my children). I feel like I’ve finally got a system in place- the website and selling platforms, order fulfillment service- it took me over a year of trial and error to get this established and not...
  • Computer Dead, Who Dis?

    Computer Dead, Who Dis?

    My Surface Book was almost too good to be true. I finally had the piece of technology I had designed in my head twenty years ago- a fully capable laptop that you can flip inside out and draw on- right into Photoshop. Or Illustrator. On the bus. In the park. Wherever the hell you want. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true- they...
  • USA Shaolin Temple- Love Nico's Favorite Clients

    USA Shaolin Temple- Love Nico's Favorite Clients

    I’m not sure exactly what year it was when I started working with the USA Shaolin Temple on their annual retreat t-shirts. It was probably 2016. I only know that because of the creation date on a set of photos I took of Shifu Shi Yan Ming for reference and designs. It’s a bit hazy- because I’ve been haunting the Temple since 2011- twice...
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