• Update, Shmupdate.

    Update, Shmupdate.

    I’ve been busy. It’s been a while since I posted an update. That’s because I was doing what I’m supposed to do, which is designing things (and feeding my children). I feel like I’ve finally got a system in place- the website and selling platforms, order fulfillment service- it took me over a year of trial and error to get this established and not...
  • The Learnening

    The Learnening

    Sometimes your personal learning process can take months instead of days. Onward. -C I was having issues recreating my Love Nico designs in Illustrator. I’m not beating myself up about that- I just learned how to use it a few months ago, finally caving into something I managed to avoid for almost two decades. This program is a beast- so much so that it...
  • Carmen's Yemaya

    Carmen's Yemaya

    A few years ago I worked at a small little occult bookshop in the East Village. It’s the oldest on the East Coast- lots of these places don’t survive the test of time (magicians have a tendency to argue with other magicians). Because of its age and long-term success it has become a staple of Manhattan. It’s called Enchantments. And it was my home...
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