The analog spirit of NYC lives on...

Welcome to Love Nico's Etsy shop! We make esoteric and rock-based fashion, animated by an analog spirit. Owned by Brooklyn pop artist Corinne Alexis Hall.

Love Nico had its official start in 2004, picking up momentum in 2005. A lovely woman named Charlotte invited our just-starting company to sponsor an event in honor of her son- the one and only Joey Ramone.
This was the beginning of everything. Our logo sat at the bottom of the flyers for the Annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, along with other corporate sponsors Trash N Vaudeville and Manic Panic.

This drew the attention of a clothing rep working on sales with CBGB's clothing line. Within months, Carol Sadick helped Love Nico hit the stores, small boutiques and chains around the world- soon those orders also included mass-production for larger clients such as Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic.

This current incarnation of Love Nico is more grass roots in nature. The designer has her own studio where she creates all of Love Nico's prototypes- through silkscreening, painting, sculpture and photography- and then translates these designs into apparel and everyday items. Our orders are fulfilled through third party printers of the highest caliber.
She has produced, to date, over 43,000 shirts in that studio (and sewn in all of the labels on her singer sewing machine). But with the recent birth of her identical twin daughters, she has happily teamed up with others to continue to bring her creations to life.