Momentum in Chaos

I’ve been able to pay myself for the first time since re-launching Love Nico.

It was just a stipend. But it’s a big deal. To me. It’s also strange, but somehow expected, that this week in particular has been the busiest I’ve ever had- because the world is on fire.

And I’m selling masks.

I have heard countless times in my life that eras of upheaval lead to successful moments for artists. This is truly the most chaotic time I’ve lived through, despite being a NYC resident through 9/11. If humanity follows through on some of the positive potential changes occurring, this might be one of the most important years in all of human history. Black lives matter. They need to. I would have none of my artistic skills if not for them. I would have none of my favorite music. The world as it is cannot be imagined without them- we would have nothing.

And while everyone I know has been rallying behind this movement, the orders have been coming in. There’s an immediate attachment and gratitude to this. I know my momentum has come from a pandemic, and a fashion accessory born from it. But the small successes continue as the images flood my television screen. One day, if this continues, I want to give back.

This is one of many organizations I’ve found this past week which have me motivated to continue making progress and growing my company. I think there’s something very powerful to the idea of having a greater goal outside of your own comfort. I know this for a fact. Because two weeks ago, a friend of mine was let go from her new job. And two weeks ago, right before the orders started to pour in, I vowed to make enough money to pay myself and her- for at least some part time assistance.

She’s arriving tomorrow morning, and I have enough to employ her.

Her needs were the order in this chaos. And the second I made that vow to help her out (it’s helping me more by the way), I started hearing that “cha-ching” sound on my e-commerce app.

I believe in this. And I will work as hard as I can to make it possible to help young artists in the Black community.

Let’s keep going. We can do more. We can do better.


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