We Make Art Prints!

I’ve wanted to be able to offer prints for decades now, and it’s finally possible. My lovely fiancé bought this gal the most incredible birthday present- a Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 printer. It’s massive. It’s intense. And it prints impeccably.

I’ve experimented with offering prints through third party printing companies, but the prices just aren’t worth it at the end. My customers would end up paying 30-50% more than necessary. I’ve always wanted to do this from home so I can offer quality archival reproductions at a reasonable price. I can control the quality, the color, the paper, and throw in a certificate of authenticity. I can sign them. And send you a love note too.

My first time seeing something come out of this machine was life changing. I have NEVER seen my own work reproduced in a way that accurately represents the original, whether that original was digital or physical art. I almost cried holding the first 8.5″x11″ print, and I definitely cried when I printed up the 17″x22″ version.

Now it’s time to hit the Photoshop and make some more of my work available.

Very exciting.

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