Due to Covid-19 I decided to close down my shop until I felt safe shipping out apparel. My fiancé has been working throughout the shutdown and therefore has come home from the outside world every day of the week. Not knowing what the real science is, I didn’t like the idea of shipping 100% cotton t-shirts, despite the fact that they are stored safely away from my family.

Initially I considered wearing a mask and gloves while handling an order for shipping, which would have been fine, I’m sure. But after some discussion with many people, I thought it best to wait out the six or so weeks that NYC would be in definite closure.

There was a hidden benefit to this. It gave me the space and time to reassess what my goals and limitations are. And on cue, the evening before my birthday, after fifty-something days in our shut-down, I have a game plan. Amazing.

If you’re reading this, you may know me personally. Because as of the moment I don’t have a large following. So then you also know that I’m raising my now 2-and-a-half year old identical twin daughters. Day by day I’m finding my “free time” dwindling by many minutes, as they grow, speak, potty train, etc. The list of activities and objectives “enbiggens” as I watch my ability to think shrink down to nothing. Therefore time is the biggest hurdle I’ve got to jump in order to pull in a viable income from home. Which I have every intention of doing.

The next problem that needed solving was that I had too many separate entities in terms of selling items online. Freshoteric, my own art, and Love Nico (that doesn’t include other projects like an animated series or any attempts at blogging). Websites take work, promotion takes work- and they cost money.

Here’s me the last few months:

Corinne: Ting Ting- idea- why don’t you try selling them all on ONE WEBSITE?

Also Corinne: But which one? And will they look GOOD together? One is a set of hand-screened apparel, the other is manufactured with colorful cartoon art, and the third is like, my paintings…

Corinne: Why wouldn’t it all work together? It’s all from YOU.

Also Corinne: Because the Love Nico logo is black, white and red, and it really doesn’t work with the rest of the color schemes on the other two projects.

Corinne: So, change the logo, idiot.

Also Corinne: I can’t do that! That’s my BRANDING! It’s been around for almost twenty years.

Corinne: So put a recognizable design into the new logo. And take out the colors.

And today that’s what I did.

I’m currently saving up for a large format archival printer, so I can sell gorgeous prints at less cost to my customers than going through a third party. In the future, all of my art will be living on here, as small and large prints for sale. Freshoteric, the other line of designs which I primarily sell through RedBubble, TeePublic and the like, will also find a home here. All of this will start rolling out this week, and officially launched on June 1st, 2020.

I’ll also be blogging and sharing other products of mine through RedBubble, Society6, TeePublic, Threadless, and several other print sites.

I hope you enjoy my work! Stay safe and sane as we deal with what I hope to be the end few weeks of #stayathome.

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